I was hooked on Star Citizen as soon as I watched the kickstarter pitch video. I pledged then and have been following the development of the game since. I wandered around the Hangar Module when it was first released and excitedly climbed in to my Freelancer to check it out. I flew around in free fly mode when Arena Commander was added, tried my skills against waves of Vanduul fighters and even took a few turns around the racing courses. I spent time exploring the back alleys of Arc Corp when the Social Module was released and I’m currently flying around in Alpha 2.5 of the PU (Persistent Universe).

It’s been an incredibly interesting journey watching the development of this game, both as a gamer and an IT professional. The game has its detractors and nay-sayers but hey, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I’m happy to continue watching the development of the game and participating in the Alpha. It’s come a long way since that original video.