Okay, so this update is a little overdue … I think we have had 3 short sessions since the previous post. The end of year is being a little hectic. I’m just going to do a short update for now and write things up with a little more detail in the near future.

I’m going to address the questions left from the end of the previous post (Tune in next week (hopefully) to learn the answers to probably none of these questions).

  • Where the hell are they?
    • Wherever the facility was it was underground. They ran through various tunnels, including abandoned subway tunnels, in the course of their desperate flight away from what had happened to them. They ended up in a maintenance tunnel under the road in the city centre.
  • What happened to their clothes?
    • They never did find them, not that they had much time to search and they weren’t in a convenient locker in the room. Coming up out of a maintenance tunnel in the middle of the city in just their underwear was amusing 🙂 luckily for them it was late at night.
  • What exactly they are going to report about this event?
    • Already being labelled the Spook Squad there was no way any of them were willing to try and describe what they had just been through. They decided to go with a partial truth instead and report that they had been gassed and came too somewhere in an abandoned subway tunnel.
  • Also; what does an infusion of demon blood (that was a demon, right?) do to you? Are there going to be any physical effects?
    • Pretty sure that was a demon. So far they have discovered that they are more resistant to damage (less squishy), sometimes see auras around other “people” – this seems to designate a supernatural creature and can defile holy items by touching them (pretty sure they’re not going back to a church any time soon). So far that’s it, no visible physical changes.
  • Are their souls damned for all eternity?
    • Not confirmed but seems likely…
  • If so, is there any possibility of redemption?
    • Seems unlikely, but maybe ……
  • Who was that guy with the “THE END IS NIGH” placard?
    • An Angel. Guess he might actually know what he is talking about.
  • What does it mean, game mechanics wise, that they have all lost a Sanity Point?
    • Loose too many and they develop a psychosis 🙂
  • Was the gas in the room actually a hallucinogenic and the DM is just messing with them………..?
    • I’m not telling 😀


Game Night: Detroit 2040

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